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Why is Great Copy a Game-Changer?

You've spent countless weeks, months, years - or even decades - building your business. You've got a fantastic product or service offering and you're looking to take your success to the next level. If this sounds like you and your business, it's time for you to discover the key to game-changing success! In the old days, businesses grew and thrived mainly through word-of-mouth, advertisements, and attractive signage - but times have certainly changed! Nowadays, if your business doesn't have an attractive website and social media presence with loads of helpful content, your business might just remain in the stone ages.

Think about the last time you wanted to go out for dinner, but couldn't decide where to go. Chances are, you probably picked up your cell phone and did a quick internet search for local restaurants that were highly-rated. Which restaurants caught your attention right away? Probably the ones with the best-looking websites that included lots of descriptions about how delicious their food was and how superior their service was. It's not a coincidence that those are the websites that held your attention - that's the work of an experienced copywriter with a keen eye!

Imagine doing an online search for local beauty salons where you can get your hair done. You only find two business sites that offer full descriptions and pricing for their haircare services. The first website is for ABC Hair Salon and their description on their hair services page reads as follows: 'We will make your hair look good so you can enjoy walking around looking good with nice hair.' Not very compelling, right? The second salon is called XYZ Hair Salon and their service description goes like this: 'If you're looking for a fresh look, you're in the right place! Our experienced stylists use only the best products and you'll leave with a fresh new hairstyle that exceeds your expectations.' Sounds a bit more enticing, right?

Many business owners are excellent at what they do but they haven't gained a true understanding of how important it is to portray a professional, unique, interesting image through use of well-written copy on all of their marketing materials. Company websites, social media channels, and direct email-marketing are the way of the future. If you work with a copywriter that creates content that catches and maintains the attention of your target audience, your business will find itself in a much better place.

It's a competitive market out there! What can you do to set yourself apart from your competitors? Make great content and refresh it often. Provide information that excites your target customer and make them what to buy. Once you do that, you're golden!

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1 Comment

stiphen curry
stiphen curry
Mar 31, 2023

nice work good luck

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