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professional copywriter Andrea Montgomery

Professional Writing Services
that Work for YOU!

Hello! I'm Andrea, the owner of Whitecap Copywriting Services in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I love creating written works of art for my clients so they can wow their customers with words that make waves!


With a background in Business and Marketing, I've been writing professional content for more than a decade. I'm experienced in writing content for websites, blogs, social media, sales proposals, newsletters & much more.


By choosing to work with Whitecap, you're selecting a copywriter who is passionate about words, loves collaborating with others, and always puts her best foot (or pen) forward.


Reach out today to learn how my love of words can help your business grow. 


Great copywriting can solve a laundry list of problems for your business. It can drive more sales, change your brand's messaging, help to showcase your expertise, and more. 


Communication is crucial. Your content needs to captivate your audience, making them fall in love with the story of your brand. This is my passion.


As a business owner myself, I understand the kinds of challenges that face your business. I'll learn what your biggest challenges are and write copy that helps turn those challenges into triumphs. 


We'll get to know each other and I'll adapt to meet the needs of your growing business. Together, we can take your goals to the next level.

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