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Reflecting on 1 Year in Business

This month, Whitecap Copywriting is celebrating 1 year in business! Woohoo!

My first year as a solopreneur has taught me so much about what it takes to be in charge of your own success and happiness. Whitecap was launched to provide myself with a creative outlet and a little bit of extra income. However, it has grown to be so much more than that for me.

Since the spring of 2022, I have had the opportunity to work with some incredible clients who were ready and willing to put their trust in me by hiring 'the new girl' for their copywriting needs. I have since written copy for websites, letters, blogs, social media posts, brochures, video scripts and so much more.

My largest project was the creation of a copywriting basics course called The Copywriting Conundrum that I delivered to roughly 25 other small business owners in Nova Scotia. The course outlined basic writing tools and strategies that small business owners can use to successfully market their ventures.

I remember feeling so nervous in the days and hours leading up to the session but my fears evaporated pretty quickly once I received such warm and appreciative feedback from the attendees. Attendees asked amazing questions and shared unique perspectives on topics related to writing that made the session extra valuable. The experience of creating and delivering this course taught me that I am capable of doing difficult things and walking head-on into the unknown.

I have learned many other lessons during the past year, too. I have learned that running a business takes effort, focus, and passion. It is my love for writing that keeps me working to attract new clients in new industries. It is my love for writing that gets me excited to engage with other business owners. And lastly, it is my love for writing that gives me a sense of accomplishment at the end of each client project.

So what's next for Whitecap Copywriting Services?

More adventure, more hard work, more new business relationships! I am not yet sure of what to expect for year 2 but I know I'm looking to grow. I want to help as many small businesses as possible to get their messages out to their audiences in ways that leave positive impacts on their businesses and their communities.

Thanks for being a part of my journey!

- Andrea

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