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The First Impression: Stand Out for the Right Reasons

Everybody has a dream. Some people dream of visiting an exotic destination. Some people dream of becoming an airline pilot, or a firefighter, or a brain surgeon. Others dream of becoming a business owner and building a business from the ground up. If you're the latter - and you're on your way to making this dream come true - this article is for you!

There are countless small businesses in today's marketplace, making it harder than ever to stand out amongst the crowd. You know what sets your business apart from your competitors, but your customers might not. Acknowledging this fact is the first step in achieving your business' attraction and retention goals and ensuring that your brand is always top-of-mind.

Imagine you're sitting down with your Saturday morning coffee, letting your mind wander. You suddenly remember that your friend told you about a great new café in your neighborhood and you've been meaning to check out their website. You grab your phone or laptop and do an online search for the name of the café. You're able to find their website but the content within its pages is a bit disappointing. On the Landing page, you expect to see a summary of the café - anything that tells you about their vibe, their atmosphere, their story. Instead, you find terribly written content that doesn't do the business justice and it seems a bit DIY. Their site is difficult to navigate and none of the information is very helpful or up-to-date. Where is their menu? Why don't they have an About Us section? Your first impression of this place probably isn't very positive and the likelihood that you'll ever find yourself inside their establishment is pretty slim. You've likely made up your mind about this place without ever setting foot inside.

Now, imagine that you visited their website and it was stunning. There was information about their products, their team, their history. There was a full menu with prices and beautifully written descriptions. You can almost taste the croissants just from reading the words on the page. You spend the day craving the croissants you saw on their menu. You want to experience what they have to offer, so on Sunday morning, you head to the café and discover that their croissants were worth the wait and their coffee was the best you've ever tasted. THIS is the difference that can be made by featuring great content on your business website. Your business deserves content on its site that excites customers and gives them an idea of what to expect from you. The words on your website need to draw people in and get them thinking about your brand, your products, your services - whatever you have to offer.

People rely on the internet for everything nowadays. If your online presence is sub-par, you're missing out on a huge opportunity to reach potential customers that don't yet know you exist. Words are powerful. First impressions are powerful. Curate content that gives you the power to set the gold standard in your niche. Hire an expert copywriter. Populate your website, social media, and all other marketing collateral with high-quality, impactful copy that can truly make waves for your business.

Oh! And don't eat too many croissants - even if the description on the menu makes you want to order 10 of them.



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