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Finding Time for Business AND Life

Owning your own business is exhilarating! There is nothing better than waking up on Monday morning, knowing that endless opportunities are waiting for you and your business - all you have to do is go chase them!

If you love the feeling of chasing your dreams and turning them into a reality, you probably focus a ton of your time on your business. Unfortunately, this can mean that you're leaving less time for the other aspects of your life - like household chores, family time, and personal hobbies.

Finding balance between your business and your personal life can be incredibly challenging but there are a few tactics that can help you regain the balance between hustling and living:

Make time for fun and schedule it regularly.

Research has proven that people are happier and more productive in their careers if they

take time to recharge by participating in activities that are just for fun. Your business is undoubtedly an important part of your life, but it shouldn't be your whole life.

Schedule some time for fun activities at least twice weekly to give your brain the dopamine boost it needs to stay happy and productive.

Each of us has our own idea of fun so get creative! Maybe you enjoy curling up with a good book, or maybe you're more of the skydiving type! Regardless of what brings you joy, make time for it!

Put your phone away.

As a business owner, you might start to feel like your phone has become an extension of your arm. You are not alone!

If you're one of the many people who struggle to let go of your phone and connect with the physical would around you, try reducing your reliance on your device gradually by creating new habits.

In my household, we have a rule of no phones being present during family meals. I also leave my phone on my nightstand every morning while I get my kids up, fed, and out the door to daycare. I only get a short amount of time with my girls each morning and I want to be sure I spend that time being 100% focused on their needs without the distraction of my phone being within reach.

Your tactics for ditching your device might be different, but find what works for you and spend some hands-on time in reality with your loved ones - you'll be glad you did!

Create a shared family calendar.

This tool has had a HUGE impact on how my family manages our time. I created a Google Calendar and granted access for my husband to view and adjust it too.

Now, whenever somebody in the family has an appointment, a dance class, a soccer practice, or a client meeting, we're both fully aware without having to constantly communicate about our upcoming plans. One quick look at the family calendar and we're ready to tackle whatever the week has in store for us!


Go to bed early. Yup - I said it! People tend to underestimate the power of sleep and the positive effect it can have on your mood and productivity. Establishing a sleep routine can be extremely helpful in building this healthy habit.

My sleep routine involves the usual process of getting ready for bed, followed by 15 minutes of journaling to help clear my mind from the chaos of the day. Then it's lights out by 10pm!

Finding balance between work and life is all about setting boundaries and creating routines. If you can master this concept, you can lead a growing and sustainable business while also leading a fulfilling and joyful personal life.

Which tactic will you try first?

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