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5 Fresh Content Ideas to Include on your Small Business Website

As a small business owner, you've likely encountered more than a handful of challenges along your path to success. If deciding what information to include on your website is one of the challenges you've faced, this article is for you!

Here are 5 must-have content ideas for your small business website:

Tell Your Story - Every business has a story to tell. Meet with your copywriter and have a detailed conversation about how your business came to be.

Customers are more likely to buy from a business with a great story. Include details explaining the unique problems that your business was created to solve, then wow your readers with a summary of how your business solves those unique challenges.

If your business has a name that's not self-explanatory, tell the story of how the name was selected and why it's special. You can even use this section to talk about major challenges your business has overcome. Be careful though - don't reveal your business' deepest, darkest secrets. Talking about how you pivoted to survive during the Covid pandemic is a great example of showing customers how you're strong & innovative enough to overcome adversity and thrive as a result.

An FAQ Page - Customers always have questions and if you keep track of the most commonly asked questions, you can make an FAQ page on your website. This will provide a resource for potential customers to learn the answers to their most pressing questions. Be careful not to include too many questions in this list though or nobody will stay on the page long enough to look for the questions they're wanting answered. Keep it short and sweet - I'd recommend no more than 15 frequently asked questions.

Staff Bios - Your employees are a huge part of your business and your brand.

Featuring brief bios for each of your staff members is a great way to humanize your organization and give customers a sense of familiarity with your team before they even engage with your business.

Each bio should include a sentence or two about the team member's industry-related experience, and a few sentences about their personal hobbies and interests. Your staff will love being featured on the company website and your customers will appreciate learning about your team.

How to Guides - You're an expert in your industry, so why not spread the knowledge and grow trust in your brand by providing how-to guides on various topics that will provide value to your customers. For example; if you own a gardening shop that sells seeds and plants, you could create a free how-to guide explaining the process of starting a vegetable garden. Customers will read the guide and then head to your shop to buy the necessary seeds and tools to start their own garden because you've provided them with a sense of trust that makes them want to buy from your business instead of your competitors'.

Customer Profiles - Customers love to be appreciated. Consider interviewing a recent customer about their positive experience with your business and then feature the story as an article on your website.

Customer success stories are a win-win for both you and the customer. For you, it builds trust and confidence in your product or service offering and for the customer, it shows them that they're deeply valued as a customer. Everybody wins!

The more quality content you include on your website, the more opportunities customers have to find information or stories that resonate with them. Get creative and have fun with the process of evolving your website. Which content idea do you think will work best for your business?

Happy writing! Be sure to write words that make waves!


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