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5 Free & Easy Tools for Creating Better Content

As a small business owner, you have more to manage than ever before. But what if I told you that there are tons of free online tools that could help make your life easier? Well - it's your lucky day!

I've rounded up 5 helpful tools that can have you creating better website content more quickly and with fewer headaches. The best part is - they're all free!


Canva is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to create beautiful images, social media posts, brochures - you name it - in just a matter of minutes! You can choose from thousands of templates, images, fonts, stickers, and more to create the perfect header for your blog, a fun Instagram Story, or a catchy banner for your LinkedIn page.

With Canva, the sky is the limit and you can easily create just about anything your heart desires. This tool makes it easy to spruce up your website content by sprinkling it with gorgeous images and graphics that took you no time at all to create.

Like the sounds of that? Click here to head to Canva now and get started on your first design!


If you're not great with a camera, don't worry! You can easily source beautiful stock images on Pexels. I am always surprised by what I'm able to find on this site to suit my needs. They offer a bit of everything and it's incredibly easy to search for an image in just about any genre. Need a photo of the beach? Bingo! Need a picture of a woman applying her make-up? They've got that too. I absolutely love Pexels for stock imagery.

Want to check it out? Click here!


If you're a business owner, you've probably heard the term 'SEO' or 'Search Engine Optimization' bouncing around the industry like a ping pong ball. It seems to be everywhere, yet not many people seem to know much about it. Luckily, Wordstream is a helpful tool for SEO beginners who want to get their feet wet.

This free tool allows you to search for words or phrases that relate to your business (these are called 'keywords') and it gives you a list of of the most highly searched words related to your keyword. For example, if you search for the word 'mechanic' on Wordstream, it will tell you all of the top-rated words in that niche. Using some of these words in your website content is a great way to get started on the path to SEO without having to spend hours online trying to figure out how to rank on search engines.

Of course, using a tool like Wordstream is just the tip of the SEO iceberg, but it can still help boost your website's ranking.

Want to see what keywords are popular in your own niche? Click here!

Each of us has our own unique writing style. As a result, we naturally tend to use the same words and phrases consistently. Have you ever written a paragraph and realized that you used the same word too many times, making your writing sound boring or repetitive? I know I have! It's because of this problem that I discovered my love for

It's an excellent resource for finding alternative words to convey your message. For example - if you tend to include the word 'enjoy' in your writing too often, you can search the word 'enjoy' on their platform and find suggested synonyms like 'savor' or 'appreciate.'

Building the habit of using a thesaurus when you're writing is a great way to improve your natural writing skills and broaden your typical vocabulary so your content stays fresh and enticing for your readers.

Need help finding the right words? Click here to visit!

Other Content You Admire

Yup, I said it! One of the best ways to improve your written content is by reading really great content online and gauging it against your own content to see if you're hitting the same standards of quality.

Be careful not to mimic the content on other websites though - you want your brand to stand out for being unique, not blend in for having the same content as everyone else. Use this tactic wisely, and only use it to compare the quality of the writing, not the subject-matter.

There you have it! Five free & easy tools to create the best possible content for your website. Which is your favorite?

Which free tool is your favorite?

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